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Biotia is a health tech company spun out of Cornell Tech leveraging next-generation sequencing and artificial intelligence for rapid precision infectious disease discovery. Our software and laboratory technology enable clinicians and researchers to guide patient treatment and improve health outcomes.
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We use science, strategy and creativity to build big businesses that put humanity ahead. Powered by breakthrough biotechnology and human-centered brand innovation, our integrated creation model sets the pace for an ever-changing world.
Ellipsis Health is an early stage start-up developing affective computing for existing patient/care team interactions to create a real-time, behavioral health vital sign for each patient. We provide a simple, cost-effective way for health systems to continually screen their patient population for conditions such as depression and get patients the support they need.
FreMon Scientific is dedicated to the safe and efficacious processing and use of lifesaving blood, plasma and tissue products. FreMon Scientific creates platforms and devices like ZipThaw® and ZipSleeve® that are easy to use, fast, low cost and that enable inventory management. Improving patient safety and outcomes is our most critical business goal.
The mission of Great Expectations is to revolutionize the speed and integrity of data collaboration. Great Expectations is the leading open source tool for defeating pipeline debt through data testing, documentation, and profiling. Data teams all over the world use Great Expectations to boost the confidence, integrity, and speed of their work.
Inito is the world’s first comprehensive at-home diagnostics device that allows diagnostic tests for fertility, diabetes, vitamins, thyroid and dozens more on a single device connected to a smartphone. By collecting data about your body, our App provides personalized insights, treatments and lifestyle modifications to help millions of people become healthier and get back to living the lives they dream about.
Together, we can bring a new perspective that treats people as more than pounds on a scale, addressing the root causes of obesity with the best in medical science, behavioral tools and psychology. Because obesity is not a lifestyle issue. It’s not a lack of willpower or some personal failure. It’s a medical disease. And that’s how we treat it. Our Evolve platform allows care teams to deliver specialized obesity treatment, and our Flyte Medical care team can help deliver treatment when you need extra support. With Evolve, Intellihealth scales obesity treatment by empowering providers with tech-enabled tools, including virtual care platforms that incorporate telehealth, clinical decision support, remote patient monitoring, online education tools, and medical treatment approaches that are personalized for every patient.
Marigold Health uses AI-augmented chat support groups to reach and retain patients with behavioral health needs in community-based treatment. Patients receive a personalized wraparound support while care teams see dramatic gains in capacity using patients to engage each other. We partner directly with treatment providers and managed care organizations in the Medicaid market.
Noteworth provides software and services that allows physicians and healthcare systems to have an unprecedented level of data clarity for patients outside of the walls of the clinic. Our HIPAA-compliant, interoperable solution integrates with 400+ FDA-approved clinical devices and delivers it directly into physicians' existing electronic medical records (EMRs) in actionable, digestible reports. We help health systems lower readmissions, reduce utilization, boost patient satisfaction and increase overall quality of care.
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OpenLoop matches medical providers instantaneously to healthcare facilities requiring coverage.
Paloma Health is an online specialty medical practice for hypothyroidism offering easy online access to thyroid specialists, at-home thyroid blood test kits, medical guidance and prescriptions. No more time-consuming trips to the clinic or a lab. We put you in control of your own thyroid health, empowering you to get the care you need, when you need it. Paloma Health is available in 5 states and counting.