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Embedded Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Posted on Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Inito is a Y Combinator backed health tech startup that helps consumers learn more about their body and get actionable insights to achieve their health goals.

We are building a platform that allows diagnostic tests on fertility, diabetes, high cholesterol, infections and more on a smartphone with lab grade accuracy. Our tight integration of proprietary hardware, biotechnology, computer vision algorithms and machine learning makes it possible for consumers to not just get data about their body but also an analysis of what it means.

Every human being needs access to healthcare and data about their body parameters. Our vision is to give people insights about their body in every household - just like a thermometer does today.

Our users have taken over 1 million tests for our first use case - monitoring fertility hormones. This largest dataset of fertility hormones in the world helps us suggest fertile days, confirm Ovulation and manage conditions like PCOS.

The Inito App was featured on the Apple App Store twice in 2020. In 2021, we became the first home device from India to clear the US FDA Regulatory Pathway. On the back of strong product-market fit and US Launch, we made 9X in our revenue in 2022.

Our focus in 2023 is to heavily invest in our engineering, product and data science capability to allow users to get deeper insights from their data, expand to use cases beyond fertility hormone testing and establish ourselves as a leader in this massive market ripe for disruption!


● Design, develop, test, and maintain software for low-power embedded systems with Wi-Fi and BLE capabilities using Modern C++

● Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features

● Debug and troubleshoot software issues using appropriate tools such as GDB and open source tools

● Use CMake and other build system automation tools to create, maintain, and optimize software builds

● Setup and maintain CI for efficient and confident delivery of quality software, ensure correctness using test cases and static analysers

● Write and maintain technical documentation, including design documents and test plans, adhere to regulatory requirements

● Work with version control systems such as Git and follow established software workflows

Required Skills:

● Proficiency in C++ applications and software development for embedded systems

● Proven track record with automation using scripting languages, or integrating distributed systems

● Experience with CMake and build systems

● Experience with debugging tools such as GDB, Valgrind

● Familiarity with unit testing and mock testing tools such as GoogleTest/GMock

● Experience with performance analysis tools such as perf, benchmark

● Basic knowledge of REST APIs, RPCs, PubSub architectures, event-driven approaches

● Ability to smell code for the bugs-to-be

Good to Have:

● Working knowledge of setting up DevOps for embedded projects

● Familiarity with hardware design and debugging techniques

● Knowledge of hardware tools such as oscilloscope, DSO, multimeter

● Exposure to protocol sniffers and and wireshark outputs